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Welcome to My Computer Tutor!!


  Have you ever had a WANT or NEED to use a computer?

(Type a document, Use the Internet, E-mail, Play Music, Look at Pictures & more)

 Computers are supposed to make our lives  EASIER and more EFFICIENT!

Yet,  we can become CONFUSED or FRUSTRATED by them!

So, we end up missing out,  because we feel we are either

not knowledgeable enough or do not want someone to take advantage of us.

This is where I come in:

First and foremost: I am your friend and expert all rolled into one.

    I will gather the  information & present it to you in an easy & concise manner.

    I will do all the hard work for you.

    I will educate you, so you feel extremely comfortable.

So what does all this means……

Weather you are a beginner,  intermediate, or advanced person, that wants to become skilled with computers,  in a simple, fun, one-on-one, non-threatening, manner.

Please contact me: 

Daren Hamberger

My Phone #:    (561)-603-7700

My Email: