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Using My Computer Tutor is as easy as 1-2-3!!

1.      Purchasing

  •     Help you define what your specific computer needs are.

  •     I will do all the research.

  •     Use my expertise to choose the right computer for you.

  •     Help you order your computer.

  •     You save time, money, and get the computer you want!

2.         Installation

  •     Come to your home.

  •     Unpack all computer boxes for you.

  •     Set up the computer where you want it.

  •     Install peripherals. (i.e. printer)

  •     Breakdown and put away all boxes.

  •     Nothing for you to do!

3.              Training

  •     Basic Computer Training    (i.e. Use PC, Internet,  & Email)

  •     Advance Computer Training    (i.e. Control Panel Settings)

  •     Word Processing Training    (i.e. Word)

  •     Spreadsheet Training    (i.e. Excel)

  •     Power Point

  •     Media Players    (i.e. View Pictures & Playing Music)

  •     Additional Programs at your request

  •     Make you feel comfortable with your computer!

You can contact me:

Daren Hamberger

My phone #:    (561)-603-7700    

My Email: